At the End of That Rainbow

At the End of That Rainbow

That intriguing story was ever heard and ever told And especially the children always felt they’d find that pot of gold. Childish faith is such a wonderful thing to behold, Why » More »

Slow as Molasses

Slow as Molasses

Some of us are, by our inherited nature, slow specimens of mankind. We are penalized for it in this life, for no one wants to wait on the slow kind. The » More »

Just One Rose Left

Just One Rose Left

We were taking photos on the front lawn when next door I spied one lone peach-colored rose upon a trellis by the door. I couldn’t believe there would only be just » More »



Keepsakes are so much a part of our daily lives And it’s not always a monetary value that drives The desire to accumulate these important “tidbits.” Most likely there’s some memory » More »

Sunrise – Sunset

Sunrise – Sunset

Today our sun will rise and today our sun will set. Now, how I use these hours that separate the two, you can bet Will not be my top notch performance. Of this I am sure! ‘Cause, by nature, » More »


If We’re Lucky!


We all, no doubt, have our own definition of this word, “Lucky.” Don’t you?
“Lucky” can mean a positive collection of life’s rewards. That’s my thought – not new.
Life’s equalizer, “lucky” comes in many forms to construe its true meaning to each.
As these incidents apply to us and our lives – it is attempting to teach!

Bolts of Clarity


Bolts of clarity like shocks of revelation have been descending
Upon me lately in mysterious ways. Like information ascending.
I have pondered events from the past, but it was so vague and obscure,
I just stuck it in a file in my mind, figuring I was way past finding a cure.

A Special Approach


Show me ten different people and ten different situations
And I’ll show you ten different opinions and ten different solutions.
Only as we can merge the reasons with the reasonings
Can we gain the sought-after accommodations and the pleasing

The Daredevil


Daredevil is a misnomer which describes those with the nerve to risk
Their everything to appear the ultimate in bravery. They insist
They’re strong, brave, fearless and foolhardy for they ignore the odds!
And, it’s evident they sometimes lose. They’re not invincible Gods.

Straddle Your Own Saddle


This may be one way of telling your counterparts that you’ll play the game.
As life points out, no two horses are the same, some wild, some tame.
Riders vary also. Purposes differ, so no one method serves all.
Probably not even the way you ride nor the way you fall.

The Saddest Words


I always feel that to say “goodbye” is among the saddest words
That are ever spoken in this life, in this world.
And saddest of all is losing a loved one; it leaves such an empty place,
To know that we’ll never again look upon their smiling face.

Where The Spirit Dances Free


When you smile I detect a twinkling in your dancing eyes;
Reminds me of a sunny day with glorious golden skies.
Often these displays of joyful living depart with youth.
The quest for physical survival diminishes our natural joy in truth.

Raw Courage


There is, I think, a noble strength inborn that we bring with us.
It’s not a simple trait that can be taught. It is a part of us
That we must summon from the depths of our own soul,
A fundamental part of who we are, just waiting to unfold.

The Dancer in the Silver Gown


I know not her name (although I may give her one),
Nor do I understand the magic that brought her to me. The sun
Turns her gown into silver as she dances in the wind.
I must explain her arrival and how and why she sways and bends.

Who? Me?


“Who? Me?” was mostly a childhood question that kept cropping up.
It could have been an unexpected compliment, a surprise from a grown up,
Or some playmate that was not quite sure who was meaning whom.
I suppose that’s one way we learn as we, one day, do assume.

Valentine’s Day!


Remember long, long ago when most kids were more shy?
“Valentine’s Day” sparked a glow in little hearts who would try
To express their affection or attraction to their special one today.
With little red hearts, cupids and lace they’d attempt to say,

The Wall Between


Many walls are encountered throughout our complicated lives.
That’s the challenge of surviving all the problems of life.
Some walls are deliberately built by people for their own private reasons.
Other walls are outgrowths and products of many seasons

When the Geese Fly South


When Autumn comes I see huge flocks of geese in their formations
Headed south. They are in continuous communication;
I always stop to watch and listen. Such a miracle of this earth.
They all know exactly what and how to do these things from birth.

Your Memorial


We all erect our own marker, consciously or unaware,
To those who never record in pictures or words, still aware
Of the record that is being made in each family member’s
Life and soul. Each child, each deed will be recorded in their memory.

When Trouble Knocks On Your Door


When ordinary events run amuck or wander off course
We tend to label this as “trouble” as we question this disruptive force!
We also resent this interruption, reacting sometimes in unproductive ways
And respond with resentment for the inconvenience of our days.

Who Says You Can’t Go Back


Grab your hat! Boy, We’re gonna‘ travel back through time,
Faster than the bullet train, leaving no dust behind.
If you can, in all honesty, without regret, define
Some happy episode worthy of repeating in your mind
We’ll rerun it again and absorb its memory sublime!  

Little One


Little do you know, “Little One,” little do you know!
Inexperience sees the world through different eyes … wherever you go,
This truth applies. Does it ever!. What is so sad and so true,
The Little One knows not whereof they speak. They’ll tell you,

Ignorance Speaks


There’s “ignorance” as in lack of school education,
But I mean the lacking of life’s critical information
Not yet revealed through varied experiences of life.
This will be a crucial chapter affecting the rest of your life.

Putting the Real Back Into Reality


Reality – what’s real – can be described in more than one way.
How you define it is likely your own reality of what you say.
Things and situations usually mean different things to each of us,
For “real” is a matter of personal interpretation, and it must

I’ll Just Close My Eyes


Hardly a blink, really, but hasn’t everyone sometime done this?
And, of course, it’s often when a favorite show you can’t miss
Is just coming on. You’re tired as all get-out and your body language
Begs you for mercy! Now is the time to relax and enjoy and languish

How Much Proof Do We Need?


This may seem like a prerequisite when choosing an earthly friend
Because we all feel the need to prove their spirit before we extend
Our hand in close relationship. This precaution can be prudent and wise
But if taken to extreme it’s used as an excuse or disguise

To push aside an extended hand offered in friendship.
You may never give it a second thought, as though that offer never existed.
You may never be truly aware of what happened here for it seemed so indifferent.
It was simply relegated to the record file of “insignificant.”

There are no guarantees in life of any relationship, so should we dare?
We simply appraise the friendship offered and approach with cautious care.
When the motives have proven this “friend” to be real
Any further proof is only in degree. Only time can show if it’s real.

Lucile I. Burke
February 18, 1996


Gardening Is So Rewarding


A garden, from the start, happens even as you prepare the soil
And plant your seeds. Then you water them every day with a touch of toil
And extras are just “frosting on the cake.” Barring some freak disaster,
You now have your little kingdom, and you, the loving master.

As I Said


Have you ever noticed how, when we’re exchanging views
We’re likely to preface the statement with “In my opinion.” You
Instinctively realize that this is exactly what it is, but we
Like to impress our views. We feel compelled; it sets us free.

Don’t Leave Me Now


When daily trials seemed too much to bear,
I implored in desperation, “Father, do You care?
Don’t leave me now,” I heard my soul cry out.
More a cry for help than an expression of doubt.
The answer came within the space of my heartbeat, soft and kind,
“I will never leave you nor forsake you. You are mine!”

Lucile I. Burke
July 18, 1993


Do Not Accept Wrongful Blame


Remember those childhood explanations for everything you observed
And heard, read, felt or experienced? You weren’t sure if you always deserved
What you got. Of course your parents likely blamed it on you.
What a start in life! Them, suspecting you of everything, more times than a few.