Monthly Archives: May 2017

Truly Free


Wherever I will be, I feel I’ll be forever free;
The greatest gift in this life or the life to be.
Being free is being prisoner to earth no more,
No longer bound by earth, our spirit free to soar.

Lucile I. Burke
December 20, 1998


If I Live to Be a Hundred…


And I’m getting there real fast (far faster than I ever dreamed)
I’ll never understand the range of strange prejudices that scream
From every area of our globe, every color, every creed.
This bias is simply handed down to generations and their seed.

A Turkey Sandwich Ain’t Bad


When you near seventy-five, tradition falls by the wayside.
My kin are scattered round the earth – very far and mighty wide!
Thanksgiving is for me just a day of thanking God for giving me
All the blessings I’ve received, and I can certainly see

Going Down in Defeat


There is no disgrace in going down in defeat.
But rising up again in victory – that’s what’s really sweet.
It’s not written in stone that we’ll win in every instance
But we’ll never know unless we go the distance.

Foresight And Hindsight


Foresight requires a repertoire of experience to even qualify,
So if we’re too young to boast a storehouse of “live or die”
Situations, we feel unqualified to claim great foresight.
So we blunder on just praying our second guess is right.

Becoming Strong


It’s so strange how I stumbled over, kicked around and complained so loudly
About all those aggravating obstacles strewn throughout my life. I walked proudly
In the way I understood as the correct way and I really thought
That the right way would ensure a smooth way! What life wrought!

What About Me?


I have a young great-grandson; age about two-and-a-half.
He’s cute and handsome, and even more, can always make you laugh.
His older brother is six now, which makes two-and-a-half seem a baby.
But he keeps up pretty well and whenever there’s a maybe —