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Each Day a New Day


We get to start over every day and try to do all
We never got to do the day before. We never really scale the wall,
But at least feel we’ve been afforded another chance.
We attack the “undone” without a backward glance.

Misfit or Missed Fit?


I suspect this planet is overloaded with what we call “misfits.”
As soon as you acquire awareness in this life and gather your wits,
You begin to feel whether you feel at home in your chosen place.
At this stage you start learning what means what, case by case.

None So Blind


I remember an adage from years ago,
“None so blind as he who will not see.” And so
I have observed this truth in perpetual action,
Of those so blind they refuse to see

At The End Of That Rainbow

At The End Of That Rainbow

That intriguing story was ever heard and ever told
And especially the children always felt they’d find that pot of gold.
Childish faith is such a wonderful thing to behold,
Why not express your faith by exploring and digging that hole.

Whose Irresponsibility Are You Responsible For?


It happens all the time and those who help are usually family members.
They are only trying to assist while trying to remember
A time long ago, way back when this same needful soul
Was lying in their arms, just a few hours old.

How Big A Dent


How big a dent has your life made on this old world,
Or even just a tiny little corner of your own world?
Most ordinary citizens feel so very insignificant in the overview.
What imprint has your life made on your world and you?

Some Painful Realities


Yep! We have to face them in order to make it through!
Seems some are more painful than others and – no matter who –
You are not slighted. It’s a scientific fact that they never miss anyone.
It is usually in varying degrees so we just assess the damage done

We’re Born, We Live, We Die


None of us escapes this cycle. Does this detract from your reality?
Since it is the law of earth, we just try to utilize and enjoy what is our reality.
As I watch history and biography on TV, I am always amazed how each one
Lived this life, just exactly like they would be here forever. But their sun

Trouble Beckons


Trouble beckons the young and foolish heart
To places and situations just beckoning, from the very start.
Rationalization explains and excuses any doubts that youth may offer.
That is life and if we survive it, we count it profit.

Just Getting There


You’re so young, but you feel so grown up. This is the time
When you feel all mature one minute and like a child another time;
You’re feeling so grown up but have no clue about the emotions running wild.
That alone can keep you real busy for a good, long while.

Just Because


Just because you feel your counterparts have got more going on than you,
Don’t fold up and die; do something about it as far as you can do.
No matter how slow or how long, doesn’t sum it up,
For as long as you’re progressing, you’ll get there yet. Yep!

A Losing Situation


When we have done our very best to help another and encourage them
In their attempted goals of life, and you eventually discover, then
That your help was resented as though they must have thought
You figured them incapable and making them feel you brought

If You’re So Smart


Perhaps one of the most overused put-downs known to man.
Sometimes it’s presented as: “You think you’re so darn smart.” They can
Think of nothing worthwhile to say so that is their preface to cutting you down,
While thinking, “Please don’t notice you’re smarter than me, a first-class clown.”

How Many Ways Does This Apply?


I viewed this superstitious belief for at least seven years of my childhood,
Not quite believing nor entirely disbelieving. I would
Just observe when and how it happened so I
Could put it all together and shed some light and wonder why.

In Your Hands


During our lifetime we have our “hands full” trying to live
And survive and share life and problems and still give
Give best efforts to earth and all invested in your sojourn.
Your hands are forever busy and always full of responsibility and concern.

When It All Comes Together


This is not one specific goal we seek to achieve; in fact, you’ll find
It all comes together so normally, like natural actions of every kind.
Experiences of various blends present themselves, each one teaching
Us the things we need to know as we are ever searching and reaching.

It’s How You Play the Game


Sounds like a gambling situation and, in a way, it truly is.
You make as smart moves as you know what is,
And you believe you’ve learned when to hold,
And that word – dirty in some circles – when to fold.

Keeping Up


In this progressive era, we try real hard to advance;
We no longer dare to dance an outdated dance.
Times keep on changing faster than we do, and that’s no fun.
I remember a slower time when we could relax and follow the sun

It’s a Long Way Home


If you consider heaven as your home and God as your heavenly Father,
Then we’re traveling that same road home. For us, there is no other.
Depending on how long we’re about our Father’s business, here on earth,
This decides our course of pursuit, almost from our day of birth.

Who’s The Hypocrite?


I suppose that almost everyone, in their heart,
Would love to be more than they are, almost from the start.
Even as a child, we understand our potential is more than we are
At any given time. We know that our reasons vary, by far,

The Price You Pay


What a whopper price it is – the price you pay
For being especially blessed in our world and allowed to stay.
You trade youth and beauty for wrinkles and weak knees.
You see your hair change to white as nature has decreed.

My Mom the Alchemist


You may have grown up in a perfect family, where everyone got along beautifully. I did not. My family was relatively dysfunctional. Nevertheless, my early life has been enormously helpful to me as a collection of priceless learning experiences.

And this attitude of taking what life gives, the good and the less-than-good, and finding something useful in it – I learned most of this from my own mother.

I Would Always Be Eighteen


We surrender youth in tiny bits, one day at a time.
It slides by so slowly we don’t see we’re reaching our prime
And each of us thinks our story is unique.
After all – it’s only life that we forever seek.