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Truly Free


Wherever I will be, I feel I’ll be forever free;
The greatest gift in this life or the life to be.
Being free is being prisoner to earth no more,
No longer bound by earth, our spirit free to soar.

Lucile I. Burke
December 20, 1998


If I Live to Be a Hundred…


And I’m getting there real fast (far faster than I ever dreamed)
I’ll never understand the range of strange prejudices that scream
From every area of our globe, every color, every creed.
This bias is simply handed down to generations and their seed.

Foresight And Hindsight


Foresight requires a repertoire of experience to even qualify,
So if we’re too young to boast a storehouse of “live or die”
Situations, we feel unqualified to claim great foresight.
So we blunder on just praying our second guess is right.

Becoming Strong


It’s so strange how I stumbled over, kicked around and complained so loudly
About all those aggravating obstacles strewn throughout my life. I walked proudly
In the way I understood as the correct way and I really thought
That the right way would ensure a smooth way! What life wrought!

Your Advice


Do you wait until you’re asked or is it a steady flow?
There are all sorts of advice around just anywhere you go.
Some people really have something to offer, but you know,
With some, it comes cheap – maybe that’s what it’s worth. So

Hate And Darkness Walk Together


As love and light walk together – where you see one, you see the other –
So go hate and darkness. They walk together, for they represent one another.
Should there ever be any doubt, look to their fruits. That tells the story!
No artificial sham can conceal the truth; that’s mandatory.

How Does Love Live?


To some species of life we can not say.
Certainly our pets, and even wild animals display
Generous amounts of affection, an affirmation
Of kindly emotions to others, perhaps from the time of creation.

Don’t Take This Life Lightly


Self preservation is a natural and instinctive law of life. We each are imbued
With this natural law of survival – No other way can it be construed!
Each soul treasures its earthly habitat and we relate to our life and body
As our earthly home through this life’s duration, enjoying ourselves most broadly.

Thorn Shy


Are you one who shuns the roses because of all their thorns?
Such a shame! If you only knew how to avoid getting torn.
It’s like winding through life’s garden as a duty,
Shying from the sharper edges that seem to pierce the beauty.

When My Wall Clock Chimes


I hear that lovely tune and I know just which hour
Is announcing itself. Such cheery chimes – a soft and gentle power.
To me, there is something special about this wall clock.
It makes me feel that as long as it sounds time will not stop.

As A Child


People forget they were once children when they get grown
And get married and have children of their own.
Oh, it’s not the children’s “size” that it’s all about. You’ll find
It’s all those million little things that inhabit a child’s mind!

If We’re Lucky!


We all, no doubt, have our own definition of this word, “Lucky.” Don’t you?
“Lucky” can mean a positive collection of life’s rewards. That’s my thought – not new.
Life’s equalizer, “lucky” comes in many forms to construe its true meaning to each.
As these incidents apply to us and our lives – it is attempting to teach!

Bolts of Clarity


Bolts of clarity like shocks of revelation have been descending
Upon me lately in mysterious ways. Like information ascending.
I have pondered events from the past, but it was so vague and obscure,
I just stuck it in a file in my mind, figuring I was way past finding a cure.

The Daredevil


Daredevil is a misnomer which describes those with the nerve to risk
Their everything to appear the ultimate in bravery. They insist
They’re strong, brave, fearless and foolhardy for they ignore the odds!
And, it’s evident they sometimes lose. They’re not invincible Gods.

Straddle Your Own Saddle


This may be one way of telling your counterparts that you’ll play the game.
As life points out, no two horses are the same, some wild, some tame.
Riders vary also. Purposes differ, so no one method serves all.
Probably not even the way you ride nor the way you fall.

Where The Spirit Dances Free


When you smile I detect a twinkling in your dancing eyes;
Reminds me of a sunny day with glorious golden skies.
Often these displays of joyful living depart with youth.
The quest for physical survival diminishes our natural joy in truth.

Your Memorial


We all erect our own marker, consciously or unaware,
To those who never record in pictures or words, still aware
Of the record that is being made in each family member’s
Life and soul. Each child, each deed will be recorded in their memory.

Little One


Little do you know, “Little One,” little do you know!
Inexperience sees the world through different eyes … wherever you go,
This truth applies. Does it ever!. What is so sad and so true,
The Little One knows not whereof they speak. They’ll tell you,

Putting the Real Back Into Reality


Reality – what’s real – can be described in more than one way.
How you define it is likely your own reality of what you say.
Things and situations usually mean different things to each of us,
For “real” is a matter of personal interpretation, and it must

How Much Proof Do We Need?


This may seem like a prerequisite when choosing an earthly friend
Because we all feel the need to prove their spirit before we extend
Our hand in close relationship. This precaution can be prudent and wise
But if taken to extreme it’s used as an excuse or disguise

To push aside an extended hand offered in friendship.
You may never give it a second thought, as though that offer never existed.
You may never be truly aware of what happened here for it seemed so indifferent.
It was simply relegated to the record file of “insignificant.”

There are no guarantees in life of any relationship, so should we dare?
We simply appraise the friendship offered and approach with cautious care.
When the motives have proven this “friend” to be real
Any further proof is only in degree. Only time can show if it’s real.

Lucile I. Burke
February 18, 1996


As I Said


Have you ever noticed how, when we’re exchanging views
We’re likely to preface the statement with “In my opinion.” You
Instinctively realize that this is exactly what it is, but we
Like to impress our views. We feel compelled; it sets us free.

Do Not Accept Wrongful Blame


Remember those childhood explanations for everything you observed
And heard, read, felt or experienced? You weren’t sure if you always deserved
What you got. Of course your parents likely blamed it on you.
What a start in life! Them, suspecting you of everything, more times than a few.

Some Dreams Do Come True


In this life, problems never end … but solutions do.
As your years line up, you think you know who’s who.
There’re all those multiple facts you picked up along the way
And you gathered them up, one at a time, through all your days.

Of All the Famous


Of all the famous who have left their mark upon this Earth,
And moved on, they carved into the world an imprint of their worth.
In this planetary journey, fame is the measurement of who’s who
In earth’s scale of importance in man’s long sojourn to

Beyond Us


There are many happenings in life that we cannot understand.
It all seems completely beyond us, and we cannot grasp life’s plan.
Events and circumstances, over which we have absolutely no control
Seem to forever and eternally hold sway over our soul.