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Going Down in Defeat


There is no disgrace in going down in defeat.
But rising up again in victory – that’s what’s really sweet.
It’s not written in stone that we’ll win in every instance
But we’ll never know unless we go the distance.



I’m sure we all have watched this ritual on display:
Human emotion as it radiates to the recipients of praise.
The intensity expresses directly the enthusiasm of those
Who are expressing a sentiment they want to bestow.

Beyond Always


I have always treasured life, no matter how difficult it became.
I knew life was not just physical, and that carried me, with no need of fame.
In this state of mind, you understand where it’s all going,
And with fame or without it, you’re grounded solid and not just blowing

How Strong Is Gentle?


The gentle spirit can stoop down low and mend a broken wing –
Can guide a little child who is searching for its way back home.
It can offer the balm of love and peace to lost and broken hearts.

This infinitely gentle spirit can also rise and soar
Along the winds, beyond the mountains and among the stars
To renew the strength that is essential
For the quiet and gentle caring soul.

Lucile I. Burke
July 27, 1992


Raw Courage


There is, I think, a noble strength inborn that we bring with us.
It’s not a simple trait that can be taught. It is a part of us
That we must summon from the depths of our own soul,
A fundamental part of who we are, just waiting to unfold.

The Wall Between


Many walls are encountered throughout our complicated lives.
That’s the challenge of surviving all the problems of life.
Some walls are deliberately built by people for their own private reasons.
Other walls are outgrowths and products of many seasons

Putting the Real Back Into Reality


Reality – what’s real – can be described in more than one way.
How you define it is likely your own reality of what you say.
Things and situations usually mean different things to each of us,
For “real” is a matter of personal interpretation, and it must

Bad Decisions


Not many of us intend those bad decisions that we make.
How much knowledge, experience and wisdom we take
To each decision determines what we’ll be working with.
This knowledge and wisdom never came as a specially wrapped gift,

Are There Tears?


Have there been tears welling in your eyes and in your heart
That were never wiped away or dried? They’ve become a part
Of who you are and how you view life. The memory may never ever go away,
But it has bought you inherent knowledge, a lesson that will always stay.

When We Become The Butterfly


Life in physical expression comes in many, many forms –
Sometimes, many stages of evolvement are required to reach the intended norm.
As the caterpillar didn’t just decide if or when it would come again.
It was a natural transition that the caterpillar did not plan.

Low Self Esteem


When we’re young, we seldom give that problem a thought.
We associate it with being bashful or a little shy. We never bought
That psychological thing, but we’re all shy at some stage of our younger days.
We figure we’ll outgrow it as we learn life’s ways.

Just Getting There


You’re so young, but you feel so grown up. This is the time
When you feel all mature one minute and like a child another time;
You’re feeling so grown up but have no clue about the emotions running wild.
That alone can keep you real busy for a good, long while.

Abomination of Desolation


The very descriptive words of this title bring an empty feeling,
Like your soul was deserted and your existence was reeling.
Maybe by personal definition, this description would vary in severity,
According to the depth of each’s compulsion concerning life’s sincerity.