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Truly Free


Wherever I will be, I feel I’ll be forever free;
The greatest gift in this life or the life to be.
Being free is being prisoner to earth no more,
No longer bound by earth, our spirit free to soar.

Lucile I. Burke
December 20, 1998


When My Wall Clock Chimes


I hear that lovely tune and I know just which hour
Is announcing itself. Such cheery chimes – a soft and gentle power.
To me, there is something special about this wall clock.
It makes me feel that as long as it sounds time will not stop.

How Strong Is Gentle?


The gentle spirit can stoop down low and mend a broken wing –
Can guide a little child who is searching for its way back home.
It can offer the balm of love and peace to lost and broken hearts.

This infinitely gentle spirit can also rise and soar
Along the winds, beyond the mountains and among the stars
To renew the strength that is essential
For the quiet and gentle caring soul.

Lucile I. Burke
July 27, 1992


A Special Approach


Show me ten different people and ten different situations
And I’ll show you ten different opinions and ten different solutions.
Only as we can merge the reasons with the reasonings
Can we gain the sought-after accommodations and the pleasing

When Trouble Knocks On Your Door


When ordinary events run amuck or wander off course
We tend to label this as “trouble” as we question this disruptive force!
We also resent this interruption, reacting sometimes in unproductive ways
And respond with resentment for the inconvenience of our days.

Little One


Little do you know, “Little One,” little do you know!
Inexperience sees the world through different eyes … wherever you go,
This truth applies. Does it ever!. What is so sad and so true,
The Little One knows not whereof they speak. They’ll tell you,

How Much Proof Do We Need?


This may seem like a prerequisite when choosing an earthly friend
Because we all feel the need to prove their spirit before we extend
Our hand in close relationship. This precaution can be prudent and wise
But if taken to extreme it’s used as an excuse or disguise

To push aside an extended hand offered in friendship.
You may never give it a second thought, as though that offer never existed.
You may never be truly aware of what happened here for it seemed so indifferent.
It was simply relegated to the record file of “insignificant.”

There are no guarantees in life of any relationship, so should we dare?
We simply appraise the friendship offered and approach with cautious care.
When the motives have proven this “friend” to be real
Any further proof is only in degree. Only time can show if it’s real.

Lucile I. Burke
February 18, 1996


Like A Comet


In a momentary blaze of glory appears the brilliant display,
Just a flash and it disappears, the heavens dark again. It will not stay.
As with so many of heaven’s wonders, we can only marvel and reflect
About the mysteries known and unknown. We ponder, think, try to detect

I Have Written …


… for so long about degrees of every description.
Some I can describe and some are beyond repetition.
Life is lived by degrees, little segments, each and every day.
And at the end of all our days, our total picture we portray.

Youth Is For The Young


How many times have you heard this speech?
Was it when you were reaching for something just beyond your reach?
But I’ve got news for the one who invented this speech:
That may apply to them, but in my mind and heart, I’m still a “Georgia Peach.”

A Losing Situation


When we have done our very best to help another and encourage them
In their attempted goals of life, and you eventually discover, then
That your help was resented as though they must have thought
You figured them incapable and making them feel you brought

Keeping Up


In this progressive era, we try real hard to advance;
We no longer dare to dance an outdated dance.
Times keep on changing faster than we do, and that’s no fun.
I remember a slower time when we could relax and follow the sun

He’s Always There


God is ever in our lives …
Sometimes, in ways we are aware,
Sometimes, in ways we’re not aware …
Not yet!

Lucile I. Burke
December 9, 1996

Listen Quietly


Listen with your heart, and quietly the awareness will dawn,
Drifting softly over your mind bringing a peace unknown,
Bringing new realities to nourish the body and the soul.
Gifts from God, given so freely for the taking to have and to hold,