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Once You Are Gone


Once you’re gone, it’s a sad commentary to even admit
Except for a few or special accomplishments
Your presence isn’t very missed.  We can’t accept this is the way
It always happens – it never fails. We cannot stay.

Young at Heart


What young person wastes their youth worrying about growing old?
Besides, when we’re young, we’ll never ever on earth grow old.
In our youthful dreams, we will be beautiful and agile forever,
And you know what? None of us will age at all, not ever.

Who? Me?


“Who? Me?” was mostly a childhood question that kept cropping up.
It could have been an unexpected compliment, a surprise from a grown up,
Or some playmate that was not quite sure who was meaning whom.
I suppose that’s one way we learn as we, one day, do assume.

Valentine’s Day!


Remember long, long ago when most kids were more shy?
“Valentine’s Day” sparked a glow in little hearts who would try
To express their affection or attraction to their special one today.
With little red hearts, cupids and lace they’d attempt to say,

Who Says You Can’t Go Back


Grab your hat! Boy, We’re gonna‘ travel back through time,
Faster than the bullet train, leaving no dust behind.
If you can, in all honesty, without regret, define
Some happy episode worthy of repeating in your mind
We’ll rerun it again and absorb its memory sublime!  

Do Not Accept Wrongful Blame


Remember those childhood explanations for everything you observed
And heard, read, felt or experienced? You weren’t sure if you always deserved
What you got. Of course your parents likely blamed it on you.
What a start in life! Them, suspecting you of everything, more times than a few.

Just Show Me A Book


I suppose it was an inborn love affair
From the first time I became consciously aware.
Just the sight of a book or any other type of print
Would cause my spirit to soar and away I went


KeepsakesKeepsakes are so much a part of our daily lives
And it’s not always a monetary value that drives
The desire to accumulate these important “tidbits.”
Most likely there’s some memory associated, as we often admit.

Just a Minute!


Boy, if we had a dollar for every time we’ve said that
Or, for that matter, heard anther promise us that!
And, you know what – it seldom ever was “just a minute”
And as a postponing child – we all pushed the limit.

Just One Rose Left

Just One Rose Left

We were taking photos on the front lawn when next door
I spied one lone peach-colored rose upon a trellis by the door.
I couldn’t believe there would only be just one rose,
And I commented to my family. The story of that rose – that no one knows.

I Would Always Be Eighteen


We surrender youth in tiny bits, one day at a time.
It slides by so slowly we don’t see we’re reaching our prime
And each of us thinks our story is unique.
After all – it’s only life that we forever seek.