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Thorn Shy


Are you one who shuns the roses because of all their thorns?
Such a shame! If you only knew how to avoid getting torn.
It’s like winding through life’s garden as a duty,
Shying from the sharper edges that seem to pierce the beauty.

Where The Sky Meets The Edges


This view is best observed from the air or from a mountain top
Or from the plains where the land goes on forever and never stops –
Or so it seems! It stretches out so spacious and so endless.
The deserts of this earth are stretched out so defenseless,

The Dancer in the Silver Gown


I know not her name (although I may give her one),
Nor do I understand the magic that brought her to me. The sun
Turns her gown into silver as she dances in the wind.
I must explain her arrival and how and why she sways and bends.

When the Geese Fly South


When Autumn comes I see huge flocks of geese in their formations
Headed south. They are in continuous communication;
I always stop to watch and listen. Such a miracle of this earth.
They all know exactly what and how to do these things from birth.

Gardening Is So Rewarding


A garden, from the start, happens even as you prepare the soil
And plant your seeds. Then you water them every day with a touch of toil
And extras are just “frosting on the cake.” Barring some freak disaster,
You now have your little kingdom, and you, the loving master.

Innate Intelligence


In our great progressive leap in science, technology and medicine,
We have skipped over Grandma’s chicken noodle soup for her kin.
We are slowly being directed by common sense
To look at the basics, our connection with natural defense.

When We Become The Butterfly


Life in physical expression comes in many, many forms –
Sometimes, many stages of evolvement are required to reach the intended norm.
As the caterpillar didn’t just decide if or when it would come again.
It was a natural transition that the caterpillar did not plan.

Hello Autumn, Goodbye Summer


I do believe that summer and winter, the extremes of hot and cold,
Are the seasons we’re most ready to see end, I’m told
That spring and autumn are the most poetic times when beauty invades
Every atom of our world. All mankind bows with a heart of praise

The Price You Pay


What a whopper price it is – the price you pay
For being especially blessed in our world and allowed to stay.
You trade youth and beauty for wrinkles and weak knees.
You see your hair change to white as nature has decreed.

As I Faced the East


As I faced the east, just at dawn, I was taken by surprise!
I’ve seen sunrises for years and years but this one was a prize.
Along the horizon across the eastern sky was the most gorgeous one
I believe I ever saw. Only seeing, could you imagine this breathtaking one.