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Your Advice


Do you wait until you’re asked or is it a steady flow?
There are all sorts of advice around just anywhere you go.
Some people really have something to offer, but you know,
With some, it comes cheap – maybe that’s what it’s worth. So

How Does Love Live?


To some species of life we can not say.
Certainly our pets, and even wild animals display
Generous amounts of affection, an affirmation
Of kindly emotions to others, perhaps from the time of creation.

As A Child


People forget they were once children when they get grown
And get married and have children of their own.
Oh, it’s not the children’s “size” that it’s all about. You’ll find
It’s all those million little things that inhabit a child’s mind!

How Strong Is Gentle?


The gentle spirit can stoop down low and mend a broken wing –
Can guide a little child who is searching for its way back home.
It can offer the balm of love and peace to lost and broken hearts.

This infinitely gentle spirit can also rise and soar
Along the winds, beyond the mountains and among the stars
To renew the strength that is essential
For the quiet and gentle caring soul.

Lucile I. Burke
July 27, 1992


Every Day Is Mother’s Day


Every day is Mother’s Day when you’re a Mother!
Now, just before dawn, a new day approaches, another
Day given. And it happens to be Mother’s Day.
But then I think, “Each one is mine; I’m a Mother every day.”

A Special Approach


Show me ten different people and ten different situations
And I’ll show you ten different opinions and ten different solutions.
Only as we can merge the reasons with the reasonings
Can we gain the sought-after accommodations and the pleasing

The Saddest Words


I always feel that to say “goodbye” is among the saddest words
That are ever spoken in this life, in this world.
And saddest of all is losing a loved one; it leaves such an empty place,
To know that we’ll never again look upon their smiling face.

Valentine’s Day!


Remember long, long ago when most kids were more shy?
“Valentine’s Day” sparked a glow in little hearts who would try
To express their affection or attraction to their special one today.
With little red hearts, cupids and lace they’d attempt to say,

Don’t Leave Me Now


When daily trials seemed too much to bear,
I implored in desperation, “Father, do You care?
Don’t leave me now,” I heard my soul cry out.
More a cry for help than an expression of doubt.
The answer came within the space of my heartbeat, soft and kind,
“I will never leave you nor forsake you. You are mine!”

Lucile I. Burke
July 18, 1993


Your Own Private World


Your own private world, where only you can go …
That’s the way God made it for each of us. This we know.
It is our private world where we meet, just God and us.
It’s there we are known as who we are, with the one we trust.

Are There Tears?


Have there been tears welling in your eyes and in your heart
That were never wiped away or dried? They’ve become a part
Of who you are and how you view life. The memory may never ever go away,
But it has bought you inherent knowledge, a lesson that will always stay.

Whose Irresponsibility Are You Responsible For?


It happens all the time and those who help are usually family members.
They are only trying to assist while trying to remember
A time long ago, way back when this same needful soul
Was lying in their arms, just a few hours old.

I Can Not Tell You Now


I can not tell you now, because now I do not know
All I’ve yet to learn. When you ask me whichever way to go,
You’re expecting a quality answer and you deserve it, for sure.
But, at this point in time, I have no answer that will endure.

Just One Rose Left

Just One Rose Left

We were taking photos on the front lawn when next door
I spied one lone peach-colored rose upon a trellis by the door.
I couldn’t believe there would only be just one rose,
And I commented to my family. The story of that rose – that no one knows.

All The Young Men


This reminiscence goes back to World War II
When America’s young men were catapulted into
A time warp of war, insecurity, instability and fear.
We all were aware of the uncertainty of life. It would appear

A Message From The Other Side


“I’ve exited the gateway from this past life and entered another dimension. This gate swings both ways so watch the gate – I may be back.”

This message was spoken to me unexpectedly
while I was doing household chores. I grabbed a
pen and the first scrap of paper I could lay hands
on and was barely able to keep up with the words.

Heart To Heart


Don’t you wish you could have miraculously been
There the night the great promise was fulfilled:
Joseph and Mary and little Baby Jesus found a place
To deliver God’s Son born in flesh, heaven’s light upon His face?

God Gave Us Each a Special Gift


You may have already become aware of that, but you may have not.
We feel that unless we are rich and famous, there’s nothing we have got
To share with anyone out there. Maybe we’ve never been told
How we’re each viewed by this world, unaware that we are pure gold.