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Like a Child


The simplistic approach of the child is one we absolutely adore:
The innocent and trusting soul we used to be so long before,
When a faith lived there in the accepting heart of the child.
Laughter echoed all around and joy abounded in that radiant smile.



I’m sure we all have watched this ritual on display:
Human emotion as it radiates to the recipients of praise.
The intensity expresses directly the enthusiasm of those
Who are expressing a sentiment they want to bestow.

Gardening Is So Rewarding


A garden, from the start, happens even as you prepare the soil
And plant your seeds. Then you water them every day with a touch of toil
And extras are just “frosting on the cake.” Barring some freak disaster,
You now have your little kingdom, and you, the loving master.

I Wish I Had Been Given


I suppose it was ‘not in the cards’ as we sometimes acquiesce
To have certain talents or characteristics. Fate knows best!
But though I’ve been very blessed with many talents that I bring,
I find an inborn aching in my heart: “Oh, how I wish that I could sing.

Just Show Me A Book


I suppose it was an inborn love affair
From the first time I became consciously aware.
Just the sight of a book or any other type of print
Would cause my spirit to soar and away I went

At The End Of That Rainbow

At The End Of That Rainbow

That intriguing story was ever heard and ever told
And especially the children always felt they’d find that pot of gold.
Childish faith is such a wonderful thing to behold,
Why not express your faith by exploring and digging that hole.

Slow as Molasses

Slow as MolassesSome of us are, by our inherited nature, slow specimens of mankind.
We are penalized for it in this life, for no one wants to wait on the slow kind.
The fact we are meticulous in our work and dealings
Doesn’t even count, and most speedy people don’t spare our feelings.

Hello Autumn, Goodbye Summer


I do believe that summer and winter, the extremes of hot and cold,
Are the seasons we’re most ready to see end, I’m told
That spring and autumn are the most poetic times when beauty invades
Every atom of our world. All mankind bows with a heart of praise

It’s That Time


It truly seems an escalation of all knowledge, as though it was just waiting
For this time to be born. Many fragments here surfaced as it all was escalating.
It can no longer be denied, for it now is an integral part
Of earth’s total picture, like it was already there, from the start.

I Do Wonder Why


I always have pondered the “why” of everything. I guess I feel
If I understand the reason for any of life’s continuous deals,
It will comfort me in some way or enhance the lesson learned,
Even when I complain loudly about this “mess” I never earned.

When the Joy Spills Over


There are many joyful times in our ordinary lives
As we each live and love and daily strive.
And then there come the extraordinary times
When it’s impossible to contain the full emotion. You find