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A Turkey Sandwich Ain’t Bad


When you near seventy-five, tradition falls by the wayside.
My kin are scattered round the earth – very far and mighty wide!
Thanksgiving is for me just a day of thanking God for giving me
All the blessings I’ve received, and I can certainly see

Foresight And Hindsight


Foresight requires a repertoire of experience to even qualify,
So if we’re too young to boast a storehouse of “live or die”
Situations, we feel unqualified to claim great foresight.
So we blunder on just praying our second guess is right.

What About Me?


I have a young great-grandson; age about two-and-a-half.
He’s cute and handsome, and even more, can always make you laugh.
His older brother is six now, which makes two-and-a-half seem a baby.
But he keeps up pretty well and whenever there’s a maybe —

Young at Heart


What young person wastes their youth worrying about growing old?
Besides, when we’re young, we’ll never ever on earth grow old.
In our youthful dreams, we will be beautiful and agile forever,
And you know what? None of us will age at all, not ever.

The Daredevil


Daredevil is a misnomer which describes those with the nerve to risk
Their everything to appear the ultimate in bravery. They insist
They’re strong, brave, fearless and foolhardy for they ignore the odds!
And, it’s evident they sometimes lose. They’re not invincible Gods.

Straddle Your Own Saddle


This may be one way of telling your counterparts that you’ll play the game.
As life points out, no two horses are the same, some wild, some tame.
Riders vary also. Purposes differ, so no one method serves all.
Probably not even the way you ride nor the way you fall.

When the Geese Fly South


When Autumn comes I see huge flocks of geese in their formations
Headed south. They are in continuous communication;
I always stop to watch and listen. Such a miracle of this earth.
They all know exactly what and how to do these things from birth.

Who Says You Can’t Go Back


Grab your hat! Boy, We’re gonna‘ travel back through time,
Faster than the bullet train, leaving no dust behind.
If you can, in all honesty, without regret, define
Some happy episode worthy of repeating in your mind
We’ll rerun it again and absorb its memory sublime!  

Ignorance Speaks


There’s “ignorance” as in lack of school education,
But I mean the lacking of life’s critical information
Not yet revealed through varied experiences of life.
This will be a crucial chapter affecting the rest of your life.

I’ll Just Close My Eyes


Hardly a blink, really, but hasn’t everyone sometime done this?
And, of course, it’s often when a favorite show you can’t miss
Is just coming on. You’re tired as all get-out and your body language
Begs you for mercy! Now is the time to relax and enjoy and languish

As I Said


Have you ever noticed how, when we’re exchanging views
We’re likely to preface the statement with “In my opinion.” You
Instinctively realize that this is exactly what it is, but we
Like to impress our views. We feel compelled; it sets us free.

Wondering? Thinking?


Do you ever wonder or did you ever stop to think
About how many times you hear this said in the matter of a blink,
“He said!” “She said!” “We said!” The conversation need not be long
Before you begin to hear this familiar tune from the same old song,

Don’t Strain the Brain


There is a great segment of humanity that carry that motto
From day one, and believe me, as years pass, there’s be a lot of
Unused brain still being reserved for some emergency,
In fixating on the strain thing, they see no urgency

Innate Intelligence


In our great progressive leap in science, technology and medicine,
We have skipped over Grandma’s chicken noodle soup for her kin.
We are slowly being directed by common sense
To look at the basics, our connection with natural defense.

Each Day a New Day


We get to start over every day and try to do all
We never got to do the day before. We never really scale the wall,
But at least feel we’ve been afforded another chance.
We attack the “undone” without a backward glance.

People Who Manipulate with Words


I suspect that this is considered some kind of talent or art,
To make their words serve the purpose of their heart,
Whether positive or negative. Manipulators have ulterior motives steady.
They talk out of both sides of their mouth, the needed answer always ready.

None So Blind


I remember an adage from years ago,
“None so blind as he who will not see.” And so
I have observed this truth in perpetual action,
Of those so blind they refuse to see

Some Painful Realities


Yep! We have to face them in order to make it through!
Seems some are more painful than others and – no matter who –
You are not slighted. It’s a scientific fact that they never miss anyone.
It is usually in varying degrees so we just assess the damage done

Who Is Younger?


Age is so relative. You can’t believe your own
Until you compare and relate to someone else you have known.
Each age you reach once seemed so old when you were younger;
This fact of life never grows old, though your age is a steadily rising number.

Lucile I. Burke
October 9, 1999


Getting Started On The Wrong Foot


Well – I’m not sure if that’s the right foot or the left foot.
Maybe for some – it could be either foot –
But the rhyme just specifies “the wrong foot!”
It lightened up my day a bit this morning when I saw my right foot

If You’re So Smart


Perhaps one of the most overused put-downs known to man.
Sometimes it’s presented as: “You think you’re so darn smart.” They can
Think of nothing worthwhile to say so that is their preface to cutting you down,
While thinking, “Please don’t notice you’re smarter than me, a first-class clown.”

How Many Ways Does This Apply?


I viewed this superstitious belief for at least seven years of my childhood,
Not quite believing nor entirely disbelieving. I would
Just observe when and how it happened so I
Could put it all together and shed some light and wonder why.