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If I Live to Be a Hundred…


And I’m getting there real fast (far faster than I ever dreamed)
I’ll never understand the range of strange prejudices that scream
From every area of our globe, every color, every creed.
This bias is simply handed down to generations and their seed.

The Overview


My mind is racing at a tremendous rate of speed
Through yesterday, today, headlong to where I cannot see.
Am I hoping to put it all together somehow,
To form some picture that will clarify the now?

Once You Are Gone


Once you’re gone, it’s a sad commentary to even admit
Except for a few or special accomplishments
Your presence isn’t very missed.  We can’t accept this is the way
It always happens – it never fails. We cannot stay.

Like a Child


The simplistic approach of the child is one we absolutely adore:
The innocent and trusting soul we used to be so long before,
When a faith lived there in the accepting heart of the child.
Laughter echoed all around and joy abounded in that radiant smile.

Don’t Take This Life Lightly


Self preservation is a natural and instinctive law of life. We each are imbued
With this natural law of survival – No other way can it be construed!
Each soul treasures its earthly habitat and we relate to our life and body
As our earthly home through this life’s duration, enjoying ourselves most broadly.

Where The Sky Meets The Edges


This view is best observed from the air or from a mountain top
Or from the plains where the land goes on forever and never stops –
Or so it seems! It stretches out so spacious and so endless.
The deserts of this earth are stretched out so defenseless,

Beyond Always


I have always treasured life, no matter how difficult it became.
I knew life was not just physical, and that carried me, with no need of fame.
In this state of mind, you understand where it’s all going,
And with fame or without it, you’re grounded solid and not just blowing

Bolts of Clarity


Bolts of clarity like shocks of revelation have been descending
Upon me lately in mysterious ways. Like information ascending.
I have pondered events from the past, but it was so vague and obscure,
I just stuck it in a file in my mind, figuring I was way past finding a cure.

Your Memorial


We all erect our own marker, consciously or unaware,
To those who never record in pictures or words, still aware
Of the record that is being made in each family member’s
Life and soul. Each child, each deed will be recorded in their memory.

Lingering at the Edge


We are forever on the edge of our “forever,” and yet,
While in this physical body, we are prone to this mindset:
That we are forever on the edge of extinction. In this life we know
That this physical body will die; that is why we’re so aware we’ll each go.

Like A Comet


In a momentary blaze of glory appears the brilliant display,
Just a flash and it disappears, the heavens dark again. It will not stay.
As with so many of heaven’s wonders, we can only marvel and reflect
About the mysteries known and unknown. We ponder, think, try to detect

We Can Face Almost Anything


We might face anything in life, but death, which seems forbidding.
We face so many insurmountable obstacles, some seen, some hidden.
But when life has thrown its worst and its best
At you and you have coped and dealt and overcome the rest,

Innate Intelligence


In our great progressive leap in science, technology and medicine,
We have skipped over Grandma’s chicken noodle soup for her kin.
We are slowly being directed by common sense
To look at the basics, our connection with natural defense.

Slow as Molasses

Slow as MolassesSome of us are, by our inherited nature, slow specimens of mankind.
We are penalized for it in this life, for no one wants to wait on the slow kind.
The fact we are meticulous in our work and dealings
Doesn’t even count, and most speedy people don’t spare our feelings.

We’re Born, We Live, We Die


None of us escapes this cycle. Does this detract from your reality?
Since it is the law of earth, we just try to utilize and enjoy what is our reality.
As I watch history and biography on TV, I am always amazed how each one
Lived this life, just exactly like they would be here forever. But their sun

Trouble Beckons


Trouble beckons the young and foolish heart
To places and situations just beckoning, from the very start.
Rationalization explains and excuses any doubts that youth may offer.
That is life and if we survive it, we count it profit.

Getting Started On The Wrong Foot


Well – I’m not sure if that’s the right foot or the left foot.
Maybe for some – it could be either foot –
But the rhyme just specifies “the wrong foot!”
It lightened up my day a bit this morning when I saw my right foot

Sunrise – Sunset

Sunrise – Sunset

Today our sun will rise and today our sun will set.
Now, how I use these hours that separate the two, you can bet
Will not be my top notch performance. Of this I am sure!
‘Cause, by nature, I’m so slow, and for this I’ve found no cure.

Who’s The Hypocrite?


I suppose that almost everyone, in their heart,
Would love to be more than they are, almost from the start.
Even as a child, we understand our potential is more than we are
At any given time. We know that our reasons vary, by far,

Sorrow in Heaven


Mankind, in their impressive and imposing facade of humanity
Still displays such pitiful lack of regard and such insanity

Towards our counterparts of earth, bringing sorrow up in heaven.
God forgive! Please teach us stewardship here, with just a touch of leaven.

Lucile I. Burke
September 29, 1996