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Going Down in Defeat


There is no disgrace in going down in defeat.
But rising up again in victory – that’s what’s really sweet.
It’s not written in stone that we’ll win in every instance
But we’ll never know unless we go the distance.

Becoming Strong


It’s so strange how I stumbled over, kicked around and complained so loudly
About all those aggravating obstacles strewn throughout my life. I walked proudly
In the way I understood as the correct way and I really thought
That the right way would ensure a smooth way! What life wrought!

The Overview


My mind is racing at a tremendous rate of speed
Through yesterday, today, headlong to where I cannot see.
Am I hoping to put it all together somehow,
To form some picture that will clarify the now?

Thorn Shy


Are you one who shuns the roses because of all their thorns?
Such a shame! If you only knew how to avoid getting torn.
It’s like winding through life’s garden as a duty,
Shying from the sharper edges that seem to pierce the beauty.

You Can Only See


You can only see exactly where you’re going
When you can see exactly where you’ve been, then knowing
Where you got off track – were only spinning your wheels –
So you can become aware of and thus avoid such futile deals.

Where The Spirit Dances Free


When you smile I detect a twinkling in your dancing eyes;
Reminds me of a sunny day with glorious golden skies.
Often these displays of joyful living depart with youth.
The quest for physical survival diminishes our natural joy in truth.

Who? Me?


“Who? Me?” was mostly a childhood question that kept cropping up.
It could have been an unexpected compliment, a surprise from a grown up,
Or some playmate that was not quite sure who was meaning whom.
I suppose that’s one way we learn as we, one day, do assume.

When Trouble Knocks On Your Door


When ordinary events run amuck or wander off course
We tend to label this as “trouble” as we question this disruptive force!
We also resent this interruption, reacting sometimes in unproductive ways
And respond with resentment for the inconvenience of our days.

Ignorance Speaks


There’s “ignorance” as in lack of school education,
But I mean the lacking of life’s critical information
Not yet revealed through varied experiences of life.
This will be a crucial chapter affecting the rest of your life.

Some Dreams Do Come True


In this life, problems never end … but solutions do.
As your years line up, you think you know who’s who.
There’re all those multiple facts you picked up along the way
And you gathered them up, one at a time, through all your days.

Bad Decisions


Not many of us intend those bad decisions that we make.
How much knowledge, experience and wisdom we take
To each decision determines what we’ll be working with.
This knowledge and wisdom never came as a specially wrapped gift,

Of All the Famous


Of all the famous who have left their mark upon this Earth,
And moved on, they carved into the world an imprint of their worth.
In this planetary journey, fame is the measurement of who’s who
In earth’s scale of importance in man’s long sojourn to

I Have Written …


… for so long about degrees of every description.
Some I can describe and some are beyond repetition.
Life is lived by degrees, little segments, each and every day.
And at the end of all our days, our total picture we portray.

Don’t Strain the Brain


There is a great segment of humanity that carry that motto
From day one, and believe me, as years pass, there’s be a lot of
Unused brain still being reserved for some emergency,
In fixating on the strain thing, they see no urgency

How Will You Be Remembered?


When we’re young, this thought never crosses our mind.
“Today” is our day, and that’s where we spend all of our time.
What we can’t get done today, we confidently save for another day.
At age twenty, every day is today. No thought of endings ever comes our way.

People Who Manipulate with Words


I suspect that this is considered some kind of talent or art,
To make their words serve the purpose of their heart,
Whether positive or negative. Manipulators have ulterior motives steady.
They talk out of both sides of their mouth, the needed answer always ready.

How Big A Dent


How big a dent has your life made on this old world,
Or even just a tiny little corner of your own world?
Most ordinary citizens feel so very insignificant in the overview.
What imprint has your life made on your world and you?

I Can Not Tell You Now


I can not tell you now, because now I do not know
All I’ve yet to learn. When you ask me whichever way to go,
You’re expecting a quality answer and you deserve it, for sure.
But, at this point in time, I have no answer that will endure.

Low Self Esteem


When we’re young, we seldom give that problem a thought.
We associate it with being bashful or a little shy. We never bought
That psychological thing, but we’re all shy at some stage of our younger days.
We figure we’ll outgrow it as we learn life’s ways.