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A Turkey Sandwich Ain’t Bad


When you near seventy-five, tradition falls by the wayside.
My kin are scattered round the earth – very far and mighty wide!
Thanksgiving is for me just a day of thanking God for giving me
All the blessings I’ve received, and I can certainly see

What About Me?


I have a young great-grandson; age about two-and-a-half.
He’s cute and handsome, and even more, can always make you laugh.
His older brother is six now, which makes two-and-a-half seem a baby.
But he keeps up pretty well and whenever there’s a maybe —

About The Same Time


Have you ever noticed that the stars start to appear
When evening darkness draws nigh and night is here?
And about that same time, the lights go on in every place of life.
For home loving ones, this brings a peaceful quiet to husband, kids and wife.

As A Child


People forget they were once children when they get grown
And get married and have children of their own.
Oh, it’s not the children’s “size” that it’s all about. You’ll find
It’s all those million little things that inhabit a child’s mind!

Every Day Is Mother’s Day


Every day is Mother’s Day when you’re a Mother!
Now, just before dawn, a new day approaches, another
Day given. And it happens to be Mother’s Day.
But then I think, “Each one is mine; I’m a Mother every day.”

The Saddest Words


I always feel that to say “goodbye” is among the saddest words
That are ever spoken in this life, in this world.
And saddest of all is losing a loved one; it leaves such an empty place,
To know that we’ll never again look upon their smiling face.

The Dancer in the Silver Gown


I know not her name (although I may give her one),
Nor do I understand the magic that brought her to me. The sun
Turns her gown into silver as she dances in the wind.
I must explain her arrival and how and why she sways and bends.

I’ll Just Close My Eyes


Hardly a blink, really, but hasn’t everyone sometime done this?
And, of course, it’s often when a favorite show you can’t miss
Is just coming on. You’re tired as all get-out and your body language
Begs you for mercy! Now is the time to relax and enjoy and languish

Wondering? Thinking?


Do you ever wonder or did you ever stop to think
About how many times you hear this said in the matter of a blink,
“He said!” “She said!” “We said!” The conversation need not be long
Before you begin to hear this familiar tune from the same old song,

Misfit or Missed Fit?


I suspect this planet is overloaded with what we call “misfits.”
As soon as you acquire awareness in this life and gather your wits,
You begin to feel whether you feel at home in your chosen place.
At this stage you start learning what means what, case by case.

Whose Irresponsibility Are You Responsible For?


It happens all the time and those who help are usually family members.
They are only trying to assist while trying to remember
A time long ago, way back when this same needful soul
Was lying in their arms, just a few hours old.

It’s How You Play the Game


Sounds like a gambling situation and, in a way, it truly is.
You make as smart moves as you know what is,
And you believe you’ve learned when to hold,
And that word – dirty in some circles – when to fold.

All The Young Men


This reminiscence goes back to World War II
When America’s young men were catapulted into
A time warp of war, insecurity, instability and fear.
We all were aware of the uncertainty of life. It would appear

A Message From The Other Side


“I’ve exited the gateway from this past life and entered another dimension. This gate swings both ways so watch the gate – I may be back.”

This message was spoken to me unexpectedly
while I was doing household chores. I grabbed a
pen and the first scrap of paper I could lay hands
on and was barely able to keep up with the words.

My Mom the Alchemist


You may have grown up in a perfect family, where everyone got along beautifully. I did not. My family was relatively dysfunctional. Nevertheless, my early life has been enormously helpful to me as a collection of priceless learning experiences.

And this attitude of taking what life gives, the good and the less-than-good, and finding something useful in it – I learned most of this from my own mother.

Mama’s Little Man


This is a special honor most Mothers bestow upon their sons.
And for each Mother their son is the special one.
This is a natural relationship, and if all goes well
The total life span of each will eventually tell