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A Turkey Sandwich Ain’t Bad


When you near seventy-five, tradition falls by the wayside.
My kin are scattered round the earth – very far and mighty wide!
Thanksgiving is for me just a day of thanking God for giving me
All the blessings I’ve received, and I can certainly see

About The Same Time


Have you ever noticed that the stars start to appear
When evening darkness draws nigh and night is here?
And about that same time, the lights go on in every place of life.
For home loving ones, this brings a peaceful quiet to husband, kids and wife.

Hate And Darkness Walk Together


As love and light walk together – where you see one, you see the other –
So go hate and darkness. They walk together, for they represent one another.
Should there ever be any doubt, look to their fruits. That tells the story!
No artificial sham can conceal the truth; that’s mandatory.

Don’t Leave Me Now


When daily trials seemed too much to bear,
I implored in desperation, “Father, do You care?
Don’t leave me now,” I heard my soul cry out.
More a cry for help than an expression of doubt.
The answer came within the space of my heartbeat, soft and kind,
“I will never leave you nor forsake you. You are mine!”

Lucile I. Burke
July 18, 1993


I Wish I Had Been Given


I suppose it was ‘not in the cards’ as we sometimes acquiesce
To have certain talents or characteristics. Fate knows best!
But though I’ve been very blessed with many talents that I bring,
I find an inborn aching in my heart: “Oh, how I wish that I could sing.

Lingering at the Edge


We are forever on the edge of our “forever,” and yet,
While in this physical body, we are prone to this mindset:
That we are forever on the edge of extinction. In this life we know
That this physical body will die; that is why we’re so aware we’ll each go.

We Can Face Almost Anything


We might face anything in life, but death, which seems forbidding.
We face so many insurmountable obstacles, some seen, some hidden.
But when life has thrown its worst and its best
At you and you have coped and dealt and overcome the rest,

Your Own Private World


Your own private world, where only you can go …
That’s the way God made it for each of us. This we know.
It is our private world where we meet, just God and us.
It’s there we are known as who we are, with the one we trust.

Beyond Us


There are many happenings in life that we cannot understand.
It all seems completely beyond us, and we cannot grasp life’s plan.
Events and circumstances, over which we have absolutely no control
Seem to forever and eternally hold sway over our soul.

Youth Is For The Young


How many times have you heard this speech?
Was it when you were reaching for something just beyond your reach?
But I’ve got news for the one who invented this speech:
That may apply to them, but in my mind and heart, I’m still a “Georgia Peach.”

Please Care


First and foremost, care for your own body and specifically your soul.
This body has been loaned to you to house your soul, your treasure of gold.
This soul will forever be yours from the moment God created it.
However you use your body, just know it is a temporary journey and it will quit.

I Do Wonder Why


I always have pondered the “why” of everything. I guess I feel
If I understand the reason for any of life’s continuous deals,
It will comfort me in some way or enhance the lesson learned,
Even when I complain loudly about this “mess” I never earned.

Abomination of Desolation


The very descriptive words of this title bring an empty feeling,
Like your soul was deserted and your existence was reeling.
Maybe by personal definition, this description would vary in severity,
According to the depth of each’s compulsion concerning life’s sincerity.

He’s Always There


God is ever in our lives …
Sometimes, in ways we are aware,
Sometimes, in ways we’re not aware …
Not yet!

Lucile I. Burke
December 9, 1996

It’s a Long Way Home


If you consider heaven as your home and God as your heavenly Father,
Then we’re traveling that same road home. For us, there is no other.
Depending on how long we’re about our Father’s business, here on earth,
This decides our course of pursuit, almost from our day of birth.

Heart To Heart


Don’t you wish you could have miraculously been
There the night the great promise was fulfilled:
Joseph and Mary and little Baby Jesus found a place
To deliver God’s Son born in flesh, heaven’s light upon His face?

Sunrise – Sunset

Sunrise – Sunset

Today our sun will rise and today our sun will set.
Now, how I use these hours that separate the two, you can bet
Will not be my top notch performance. Of this I am sure!
‘Cause, by nature, I’m so slow, and for this I’ve found no cure.

Listen Quietly


Listen with your heart, and quietly the awareness will dawn,
Drifting softly over your mind bringing a peace unknown,
Bringing new realities to nourish the body and the soul.
Gifts from God, given so freely for the taking to have and to hold,

When Life Is Cut Short


When we’re young, this seldom is a consideration at all.
We do see it happening to our fellow travelers when they fall,
But we still expect the young to have their chance to live long
And experience life, stake out their claims and sing life’s song.

God Gave Us Each a Special Gift


You may have already become aware of that, but you may have not.
We feel that unless we are rich and famous, there’s nothing we have got
To share with anyone out there. Maybe we’ve never been told
How we’re each viewed by this world, unaware that we are pure gold.

Can I Expect More?


In Jesus’ last hours before He died upon the cross
He agonized as His hour drew near and He could sense the cost.
He asked His chosen disciples to wait with Him
As He knelt in tortured prayer. He, at the least, expected them

In The Quiet Of Forever


I stand upon the silent mountaintop and listen to this peaceful space.
I hear so many messages, but it’s all awareness of this place.
It is a silent message that you feel within your soul,
The sounds that have been here on this mountaintop for ages old.