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You Can Only See


You can only see exactly where you’re going
When you can see exactly where you’ve been, then knowing
Where you got off track – were only spinning your wheels –
So you can become aware of and thus avoid such futile deals.

Beyond Always


I have always treasured life, no matter how difficult it became.
I knew life was not just physical, and that carried me, with no need of fame.
In this state of mind, you understand where it’s all going,
And with fame or without it, you’re grounded solid and not just blowing

If We’re Lucky!


We all, no doubt, have our own definition of this word, “Lucky.” Don’t you?
“Lucky” can mean a positive collection of life’s rewards. That’s my thought – not new.
Life’s equalizer, “lucky” comes in many forms to construe its true meaning to each.
As these incidents apply to us and our lives – it is attempting to teach!

Raw Courage


There is, I think, a noble strength inborn that we bring with us.
It’s not a simple trait that can be taught. It is a part of us
That we must summon from the depths of our own soul,
A fundamental part of who we are, just waiting to unfold.

The Wall Between


Many walls are encountered throughout our complicated lives.
That’s the challenge of surviving all the problems of life.
Some walls are deliberately built by people for their own private reasons.
Other walls are outgrowths and products of many seasons

Your Memorial


We all erect our own marker, consciously or unaware,
To those who never record in pictures or words, still aware
Of the record that is being made in each family member’s
Life and soul. Each child, each deed will be recorded in their memory.

Like A Comet


In a momentary blaze of glory appears the brilliant display,
Just a flash and it disappears, the heavens dark again. It will not stay.
As with so many of heaven’s wonders, we can only marvel and reflect
About the mysteries known and unknown. We ponder, think, try to detect

How Will You Be Remembered?


When we’re young, this thought never crosses our mind.
“Today” is our day, and that’s where we spend all of our time.
What we can’t get done today, we confidently save for another day.
At age twenty, every day is today. No thought of endings ever comes our way.

When We Become The Butterfly


Life in physical expression comes in many, many forms –
Sometimes, many stages of evolvement are required to reach the intended norm.
As the caterpillar didn’t just decide if or when it would come again.
It was a natural transition that the caterpillar did not plan.

In Your Hands


During our lifetime we have our “hands full” trying to live
And survive and share life and problems and still give
Give best efforts to earth and all invested in your sojourn.
Your hands are forever busy and always full of responsibility and concern.

When It All Comes Together


This is not one specific goal we seek to achieve; in fact, you’ll find
It all comes together so normally, like natural actions of every kind.
Experiences of various blends present themselves, each one teaching
Us the things we need to know as we are ever searching and reaching.

It Feels Like Atlantis


As I watch scientific advances in basic elements of sound, color and light,
It brings a flash back to another ancient era of advanced knowledge. Its might
Was also overpowering. We’re almost moving faster than our rate of conception,
The advancement of computerized science bypasses our reasoning reception.

Please Care


First and foremost, care for your own body and specifically your soul.
This body has been loaned to you to house your soul, your treasure of gold.
This soul will forever be yours from the moment God created it.
However you use your body, just know it is a temporary journey and it will quit.

When Life Is Cut Short


When we’re young, this seldom is a consideration at all.
We do see it happening to our fellow travelers when they fall,
But we still expect the young to have their chance to live long
And experience life, stake out their claims and sing life’s song.

In This Life, Who Is the ‘Me’?


In this life our physical existence is our reality!
This body is our awareness of our mortality.
What we experience in this physical expression is what we understand.
In our spiritual reality we know but can’t fully comprehend.