Lucile I. Burke, Poet and Alchemist


Lucile at age 24-25

Lucile at about age 24 or 25

Family members say that Lucile was writing her thoughts down almost as soon as she could hold a pencil. And at least as early as high school, she had already begun turning out her own special type of poetry. Much of that early writing was lost over the years in the many moves her family made.

Then, in 1991, when she was 68, her husband of almost fifty years passed away, and Lucile began turning out torrents of verse.

Although she’d never been schooled in the formalities of poetry, she followed the old Nike suggestion to “Just Do It,” and do it she did. Five, six, sometimes ten pages a day, every day, for the next 18 years.

In Lucile’s writing, you may not find the usual form and meter – and some of the rhymes can be… well… mischievous – but you will find a constant flood of insights, unending fun and a very large helping of wisdom… which is not so surprising, considering the long and experience-filled life she lived.

Charles, her son, once wrote an article about Lucile’s ability to turn “bad” experiences into the gold of wisdom. It’s titled “My Mom the Alchemist.”

Her poems cover a range of subjects as wide as life itself. Here’s a quick sampling of some of Lucile’s most popular poetry. Now experience her ‘alchemical’ words for yourself.

You may also enjoy reading the ‘electronic book’ shown here. This ebook, titled The Everlasting Garden, is a PDF re-release of Lucile’s 1992 limited edition book, which has long been out of print.