Who’s The Hypocrite?


I suppose that almost everyone, in their heart,
Would love to be more than they are, almost from the start.
Even as a child, we understand our potential is more than we are
At any given time. We know that our reasons vary, by far,

And who we are, in our inner self, determines what these reasons are.
The “reason” is the key that propels our vehicle into “either – or.”
Some hunger for the glitz and glitter – seems that’s their cup of tea.
Others feel the need for spiritual advancement and to find ultimate peace.

Perhaps it’s only natural that if we haven’t quite reached the top
Of whatever we’re reaching for, it’s human nature to embellish what we got.
When the problem manifests, that’s when this reasoning gets out of hand.
And we begin to believe our own “pretends” and lose sight of our life’s plan.

When “pretends” become a way of life, that’s when reality gets relegated
To life’s back burner! “Why strive for the real thing – no need waiting!”
But reality proves, “Things aren’t always what they seem. ‘Tis all in vain
If you’re pretending.” You may fool the world, but it’s you being shortchanged.

Lucile I. Burke
March 5, 1997