If I Live to Be a Hundred…


And I’m getting there real fast (far faster than I ever dreamed)
I’ll never understand the range of strange prejudices that scream
From every area of our globe, every color, every creed.
This bias is simply handed down to generations and their seed.

Someone has to wise-up and break-down this utter nonsense.
You’re never gonna find everything and everyone the same, since
That’s not the way God intended it to be. Imagine if that were true!
Course, you may think it’d be an improvement if we were all like you.

But if and when you saw yourself in others coming back at you
Everywhere you turned, you’d see in a hurry, just exactly how you
Appear to the world. We each must grasp why and how we all came to be.
The way we look, think and interact, be glad they’re not all like thee or me.

Lucile I. Burke
January 17, 2000