A Turkey Sandwich Ain’t Bad


When you near seventy-five, tradition falls by the wayside.
My kin are scattered round the earth – very far and mighty wide!
Thanksgiving is for me just a day of thanking God for giving me
All the blessings I’ve received, and I can certainly see

That the fact I am alive is a thousand-fold miracle,
For often in my life I have approached death’s door – critical
Was the diagnosis! But each time I was told to do a few more things,
Not quite ready to pack it in, in exchange for my hoped-for wings.

So each day – each year – is, to me, a very special reprieve
To do whatever God has yet in store. Lessons I still need to receive.
So instead of a huge roasted turkey, it won’t make me at all sad
That I’ll have sliced turkey from the Deli. A turkey sandwich ain’t bad.

If I live to be one hundred – maybe my family will be closer by
And we can celebrate and lift our voices to our Father on high.
My Great Grandchildren will have children so our spreading ripples grow.
And whether I make it all the way to that day, only God can know.

Lucile I. Burke
November 27, 1997