Going Down in Defeat


There is no disgrace in going down in defeat.
But rising up again in victory – that’s what’s really sweet.
It’s not written in stone that we’ll win in every instance
But we’ll never know unless we go the distance.

When I witness a person who has gone down so many times,
And I mean really down for the count, every single time,
I glory in their spunk and their raw courage at they rise
From defeat again against all odds, as no one heard their cries.

And you know what, the world seems to find great joy
In kicking a winner when they’re down. They are annoyed
That such a one would even try again. Great pleasure they take
In seeing some other struggling to survive. How long will it take

Before real winners are truly recognized as such?
Is this because losers stay down and they seem to resent so much
The one who can still rise up again and again
Overcoming disappointment, damage, pain.

They have not a clue what strength of spirit it always takes.
In their jealousy, they do all in their power to forever make
An example of the fallen one, to show the world today,
“This one is down for the count, and that is where he’ll stay.”

I suspect you know this story. If not of yourself, then someone you know,
But I’m here to say, “It’s not how many times you’re down, as you go,
But how many times you arise from the cloud of dust
To attempt to continue your quest. You simply know you must.

Lucile I. Burke
February 9, 2000