Foresight And Hindsight


Foresight requires a repertoire of experience to even qualify,
So if we’re too young to boast a storehouse of “live or die”
Situations, we feel unqualified to claim great foresight.
So we blunder on just praying our second guess is right.

But if you have any wisdom at all, you feel you can depend
On that old “20-20” hindsight which can really be quite a friend.
You’re not likely to forget where you “already been,”
Which covers both your angelic episodes and your awful sins.

If these two “~~sights” are always out of equal balance
You may want to scrutinize and to regulate your talents.
A healthy, honest evaluation, may balance out all your ~~sights:
Your highly valued foresight, plus that late-arriving hindsight!

Lucile I. Burke
June 1, 1997