Your Advice


Do you wait until you’re asked or is it a steady flow?
There are all sorts of advice around just anywhere you go.
Some people really have something to offer, but you know,
With some, it comes cheap – maybe that’s what it’s worth. So

There is a time to – and a time not to – offer your treasured wisdom.
Your attitude will also decide how they accept that vision.
We’ve seen this thing in action since we were little kids.
If we haven’t learned much yet – that’s when we can’t rid

Ourselves of bossy people. Of course they are only “helping” us,
But as we’ve grown on up we’ve learned it’s offered in a condescending thrust.
We feel belittled and dumb and small and we resent the reminder
That we haven’t caught up yet, and getting more and more “behinder.”

I believe in sharing ideas and experiences so just in case
You may meet some wonderful advice face to face,
Do not resent or reject without giving it some reasonable thought.
It may be the bit that you will use throughout your life and can be taught

And passed on to help others┬áin their own life’s design.
But never forget, your attitude will always outshine
The most brilliant idea. Sharing is much to be preferred
Than some biting remark we’d rather not have heard.

Lucile I. Burke
July 24, 1999