Like a Child


The simplistic approach of the child is one we absolutely adore:
The innocent and trusting soul we used to be so long before,
When a faith lived there in the accepting heart of the child.
Laughter echoed all around and joy abounded in that radiant smile.

Total involvement in the simple joys that spring unbidden from the soul.
In their hearts, there is no thought of ever growing old.
All is an adventure to be lived every single day:
“Life is for living, and I am here to live it and to stay.

Their faith is fresh and real, and they accept you, whatever your name.
They forgive so generously. They aren’t impressed with the world’s fame.
They’re not biased or prejudiced. To them, we’re all the same.
Few of us remember the day we lost that innocence, or who was to blame.

Lucile I. Burke
December 8, 1999