Hate And Darkness Walk Together


As love and light walk together – where you see one, you see the other –
So go hate and darkness. They walk together, for they represent one another.
Should there ever be any doubt, look to their fruits. That tells the story!
No artificial sham can conceal the truth; that’s mandatory.

Those in darkness can not see the light so they stumble on in destructive hate
Not really looking for light, for darkness is their cover. They wait
On what – they know not – except to destroy their envisioned enemy unaware.
The enemy could well be anyone for any reason, or none. They don’t care.

Let this be your guide. Love and light will serve you well and light your way.
Hate and darkness will destroy and guide you to death and decay.
We each have a choice and it appears no contest to those of light
But darkness avoids the light, which replaces it. It hates the right.

Lucile I. Burke
June 2, 1997