How Does Love Live?


To some species of life we can not say.
Certainly our pets, and even wild animals display
Generous amounts of affection, an affirmation
Of kindly emotions to others, perhaps from the time of creation.

There are some animals who can only love their own kind!
Come to think of it, some people also come to mind.
Maybe love is relevant according to the evolvement of each.
And it may vary in direct proportion as you attempt to teach

The world you inhabit throughout your life, by example.
Some respond in kind, while others can only trample
You and your efforts. Love is foreign to their understanding,
And they can not trust any emotion they do not know firsthand.

Teaching love is its own reward, but you eventually learn
That a soul deep in fear and lack of trust will instinctively turn
To hurt in response to emotion foreign to their mind.
You may have left a spark within them but they’re not ready at this time.

Lucile I. Burke
November 11, 1996