Don’t Take This Life Lightly


Self preservation is a natural and instinctive law of life. We each are imbued
With this natural law of survival – No other way can it be construed!
Each soul treasures its earthly habitat and we relate to our life and body
As our earthly home through this life’s duration, enjoying ourselves most broadly.

We were given our present “house” to do the things we came to do –
So we try to protect and utilize this body, for it’s our vehicle, and no one who
Would destroy or carelessly neglect this vehicle while they’re here
Can relate to this inherent law that holds us to our sense of life being dear.

Those who take this life and body so lightly fail to see the real overview.
If they willfully or carelessly destroy their body before they’re really through
All the marvelous life they came to share and love and learn.
Aborting their own being. Devoid of triumph, they must again return.

Lucile I. Burke
June 2, 1997