Thorn Shy


Are you one who shuns the roses because of all their thorns?
Such a shame! If you only knew how to avoid getting torn.
It’s like winding through life’s garden as a duty,
Shying from the sharper edges that seem to pierce the beauty.

Haven’t you wondered since you were a curious child
Why roses must have thorns? Or did you just accept it after a while?
Reckon I finally learned that the secret is rather clear:
You learn to enjoy the precious rose without letting the thorns interfere.

I’d say it’s rather like a lesson on handling life every day.
You reach for the beautiful, the treasure, so carefully, in a way
That touches the rose but avoids the thorn. You can use that fact
As a guide for your life, to move on up, to keep yourself intact.

Lucile I. Burke
March 26, 2000