Young at Heart


What young person wastes their youth worrying about growing old?
Besides, when we’re young, we’ll never ever on earth grow old.
In our youthful dreams, we will be beautiful and agile forever,
And you know what? None of us will age at all, not ever.

In our own mind we will always be that young, and until we see our face
Looking back at us from some mirror, then we’re brought face to face.
But if you ask any older person how old they see themselves as being,
Almost every one will say a very young age. Frankly, I see that as a freeing

Revelation. Except for those around us, enduring our wrinkled form,
We can stay teenagers till we die. What’s in your heart takes you through the storm.
I find a cheerful, youthful older one more pleasant to talk to, any day
Than someone who may be younger but acts miles older in every way.

Lucile I. Burke
March 7, 2000