As A Child


People forget they were once children when they get grown
And get married and have children of their own.
Oh, it’s not the children’s “size” that it’s all about. You’ll find
It’s all those million little things that inhabit a child’s mind!

The wonderful mystery of learning what this is and that is
And why it is. It’s all just one big old quiz.
And they are just one little question mark, and especially about the stork.
Some parents consider some things a “No-no” question mark.

Remember, however, the “No-nos” were the ones that intrigued the most.
“If I am old enough to ask, I’m old enough to know” we would mentally boast.
That curiosity is what got you where you are today,
Good or bad, because the day we lose our desire to learn, that’s the day

Advancement ceases and we dry up on the vine of life.
The eager anticipation to participate in this earthly matter of life
Is an ongoing adventure that should never end
Even as our days grow less and we’re aware of when

Our education will transcend this earth and continue on the other side.
Learning is a never ending process and parents need to direct with pride
The glorious process of sharing knowledge, wisdom and joy.
An endless adventure that will live on. Promote that desire in future girls and boys.

Lucile I. Burke
December 8, 1995