If We’re Lucky!


We all, no doubt, have our own definition of this word, “Lucky.” Don’t you?
“Lucky” can mean a positive collection of life’s rewards. That’s my thought – not new.
Life’s equalizer, “lucky” comes in many forms to construe its true meaning to each.
As these incidents apply to us and our lives – it is attempting to teach!

What seems “lucky” to the inth degree to some underprivileged one
May seem an everyday occurrence in another’s life of sun and fun.
But we will learn, however we translate it into our universal records
Of what we learned or did not learn, whether familiar or an unfamiliar chord.

Your Understanding will determine your degree of true awareness
Of the depth and truth working behind our everyday cares. In fairness
To our “Lifetime Keeper,” it is not a random collection in life’s grab bag,
But a lesson we’ve come to learn at a high cost and a lofty price tag.

Ceil Burke
August 23, 1997