The Daredevil


Daredevil is a misnomer which describes those with the nerve to risk
Their everything to appear the ultimate in bravery. They insist
They’re strong, brave, fearless and foolhardy for they ignore the odds!
And, it’s evident they sometimes lose. They’re not invincibleĀ Gods.

Bravery borders on this at times but for an entirely different cause.
If you risk your everything to save another’s life, this presents altruistic laws.
If you play on long, thin odds to save another’s life it is a selfless thing.
But if you lose your life to glorify yourself, then sorry, you lose the ring.

Don’t squander your life taking foolish chances for fleeting glory.
There’ll be plenty of times to prove yourself when it is a different story.
Bravery is altogether different from this foolhardy attitude.
For if you die you’ve only marked yourself as a very foolish “dude.”

Lucile I. Burke
August 5, 1996