The Dancer in the Silver Gown


I know not her name (although I may give her one),
Nor do I understand the magic that brought her to me. The sun
Turns her gown into silver as she dances in the wind.
I must explain her arrival and how and why she sways and bends.

There was such a tree on my new home’s yard, but time had worn
And ravaged that gorgeous tree. It was such a hazard, I had to have it down.
It was chopped, then smoothed away, but later I saw a silver sprig
Coming up from its roots, so I let it go awhile, and then I bent to dig.

I planted it in a better spot and declared it would have my care.
Now it’s ten feet tall and shaped like an ice cream cone … so there…
I’ve got my silver tree again, now in a better spot, and it will receive
The attention it will need. A prettier tree nature could not have conceived.

As I watched it in the summer morning sun and breeze
I just thanked God for it and said a little prayer, “Lord, thanks for the trees.”
This beauty queen sways in the morning sun, such beauty you seldom see.
She is like a graceful dancer swaying in the breeze, and you feel more free

That this straight tree arose from the earth and donned her silver gown,
To dance and sing and sway in her gleaming silver gown,
Back from the dead, since the mother tree left us a few years back.
But this lovely dancer softly shares her beauty, in image and in fact.

Lucile I. Burke
August 17, 2000