Your Memorial


We all erect our own marker, consciously or unaware,
To those who never record in pictures or words, still aware
Of the record that is being made in each family member’s
Life and soul. Each child, each deed will be recorded in their memory.

If you never receive public recognition or gain public fame,
Your life will go on through these ones and they will not forget your name.
All the love you gave and the good you did will have their memory as memorial.
Maybe that’s the best one to have for it will be an eternal memorial.

Few of us are seeking for fame and worldwide recognition.
We just want to contribute to earth and to enhance its condition.
The values you teach your children and the worthwhile contributions
Will keep right on living long after our earthly constitution.

A lot of worthwhile values you passed on will never die.
Such memorials we pass on to¬†other generations so they don’t die.
Few of us seek personal glory in grand remembrance or earthly tally,
We just live our love and pass it on and teach some basic values

To those we touched who will follow. What greater gift?
If more of us practiced this, that alone would give a huge lift
To generations who will come to take our empty place.
If it’s glory you’re trying for, this may not fill the bill. Let’s face

The facts here. It’s simple truth and not very complicated:
The greatest memorial you could ever have would be all you instigated
And taught by example to the world you leave behind,
Where your words and values live on for the world will find.

Lucile I. Burke
January 16, 1999