Little One


Little do you know, “Little One,” little do you know!
Inexperience sees the world through different eyes … wherever you go,
This truth applies. Does it ever!. What is so sad and so true,
The Little One knows not whereof they speak. They’ll tell you,

“Look, old timer, times have changed and you’re behind the times;
You don’t know yet that life is lived for the moment that’s no crime.”
How many have said this in their youth or heard it later on?
It probably will continue unless youth can rise above their hormones,

And understand that without their body, there’ll be no hormones.
Little Ones, we’ve all been there and, except for God’s mercy, we’d be gone
Long before now. You have just graduated from childhood
And there still are facts of life you’ll never, ever understood.

You haven’t reached, not yet, the place beyond that “La-La” land
Where it’s overstocked with infinite intelligence. It can
Be very deceiving to you. No doubt what you haven’t learned, you’ve read or heard.
Future learnings, in any category, seem so antique and absurd.

In the history of our world it is recorded as an obvious fact
That youth knows already all there is to know. Only life will prove the track
They have chosen. This is their wake up call. Lucky are those
Who hear this “reality” call. Instinctively, each one knows.

Lucky are the cognizant ones who are aware and somehow understand
That this is the dividing line. No longer Little One, you are now woman or man.
We pray that you have reached beyond knowing everything
To understanding the knowing that searching life will ultimately bring.

Lucile I. Burke
September 8, 1998