How Much Proof Do We Need?


This may seem like a prerequisite when choosing an earthly friend
Because we all feel the need to prove their spirit before we extend
Our hand in close relationship. This precaution can be prudent and wise
But if taken to extreme it’s used as an excuse or disguise

To push aside an extended hand offered in friendship.
You may never give it a second thought, as though that offer never existed.
You may never be truly aware of what happened here for it seemed so indifferent.
It was simply relegated to the record file of “insignificant.”

There are no guarantees in life of any relationship, so should we dare?
We simply appraise the friendship offered and approach with cautious care.
When the motives have proven this “friend” to be real
Any further proof is only in degree. Only time can show if it’s real.

Lucile I. Burke
February 18, 1996