As I Said


Have you ever noticed how, when we’re exchanging views
We’re likely to preface the statement with “In my opinion.” You
Instinctively realize that this is exactly what it is, but we
Like to impress our views. We feel compelled; it sets us free.

Of course, some are making sounds like “I’m the authority here,”
And you need to see my view ’cause it would appear
That your facts are all off, and you don’t know the whole story.”
But each of us must go with what we know, up to this chapter of the story.

If everyone everywhere thought exactly the same, there would be
No challenge left. We’d be forced by circumstances to really see
How boring life would be. Of course, there are times along the way
When we’d like to see just what a peaceful world could say.

Lucile I. Burke
September 2, 2000