Do Not Accept Wrongful Blame


Remember those childhood explanations for everything you observed
And heard, read, felt or experienced? You weren’t sure if you always deserved
What you got. Of course your parents likely blamed it on you.
What a start in life! Them, suspecting you of everything, more times than a few.

Well, one thing’s for sure, you learn how to explain the unexplainable
And you, with fancy dancing and dodging, trying not to appear exchangeable,
Suspecting you might still be returned, exchanged to restore the status quo.
Well, I keep saying, don’t take more than your share of the blame. You know,

If you’re truthful with yourself and honest, your conscience will be relieved,
And you can live your life so much happier than you ever believed.
People who loved to dump their blame and “whitewash” their overloaded soul
Will always exist, even when you are old, old, old.

Now, if you take responsibility for any mistake you really made,
You’ve discovered the secret to surviving life – never to be afraid.
Lies can hurt you, we all can attest to that, but you will learn to see
That refusing wrongful blame will ultimately set you very, very free.

Lucile I. Burke
August 28, 2000