Some Dreams Do Come True


In this life, problems never end … but solutions do.
As your years line up, you think you know who’s who.
There’re all those multiple facts you picked up along the way
And you gathered them up, one at a time, through all your days.

You may look for ways to use all this accumulated, well-earned
Experience. Why not share your lessons with one coming up who needs to learn.
There is one prevalent problem, however. Most young ones
Want to learn everything the hardest way, to learn how it’s really done.

Remember those days? We dreamed our dreams, not always with practicality,
But that’s okay. As long as they were “our dreams” that was our reality.
So never underestimate another’s dreams because, you know what?
That’s how impossible things are brought to life – by those who dream a lot.

Lucile I. Burke
January 3, 2000