Lingering at the Edge


We are forever on the edge of our “forever,” and yet,
While in this physical body, we are prone to this mindset:
That we are forever on the edge of extinction. In this life we know
That this physical body will die; that is why we’re so aware we’ll each go.

In this situation we feel torn because in this earthly form,
Our physical mind has to reach way beyond the earthly norm
To exert a spiritual faith that some part of us will not die.
That’s the limitation of our physical body, so that is why

We cannot quite relate to how any part of us will survive.
That also probably accounts for many, when this body is alive,
Not acting with accountability. They can only see these few years
That are laden with temptations, sorrows and tears.

Our lives are either lived in faith of an unseen immortality
Or settle for a brief, physical existence of earthly mortality.
Some cannot believe what they cannot see, and faith in the unseen,
To them, is completely unreal. That’s the main act of their scene.

Even though they cannot accept immortality, they forever mourn
Throughout this lifetime, “Is this all there is? Why were we born?”
Because some lives are cut down early. and many live and die in sorrow.
They die in despair because they cannot see another tomorrow.

You do have a choice. You can accept the promise of eternal life,
Or just mark it all up as a miserable journey through unending strife.
Is it any wonder, if you have no hope of life past this episode,
That you are forever on the edge of losing your way on this life’s road.

Lucile I. Burke
August 8, 2000