Of All the Famous


Of all the famous who have left their markĀ upon this Earth,
And moved on, they carved into the world an imprint of their worth.
In this planetary journey, fame is the measurement of who’s who
In earth’s scale of importance in man’s long sojourn to

His ultimate destination. How is fame defined in ordinary lives,
Where survival bears heavily on those who have been deprived?
“Famous” is defined in as many different words as there are ways.
To most, “famous” covers a lot of territory, suggesting a bit of praise.

Are those who are remembered as renowned ever aware
Of their great contribution they have given without spare?
While they’re still living here and trying to survive amid their difficult times,
Some may and some may not know. As always, there are different kinds.

Those who had the inventive minds may have been lacking the means
To carry an invention to its finality, and in many extremes
Their inventive thoughts were thwarted because no one could see
The value of their minds and all the great thoughts they could conceive.

Maybe such a mind was so far ahead of society’s pace,
No one listened or helped. If it was recorded someplace
It may have been brought forth. The more civilization advances,
The more the masses could see the unknown and underused chances.

When we move further ahead, that opens doors for those
Who couldn’t make a dent before, and go where “no man” goes.
Now it’s so common, the whole wide world asks every day,
What is being invented today? What will stay and what will fade away?

Lucile I. Burke
June 14, 1999