Innate Intelligence


In our great progressive leap in science, technology and medicine,
We have skipped over Grandma’s chicken noodle soup for her kin.
We are slowly being directed by common sense
To look at the basics, our connection with natural defense.

If we stray too far from basics, we usually are brought back with a thud.
We try every new invention that has ever crossed the years. Some were duds,
But we experiment and invent and use people for guinea pigs.
We have drugs and shots for everything but ladies’ wigs.

Our viruses and germs are outsmarting us, having the last laugh now.
They survive and become something else; they’ve learned how
To adjust to the drugs’ effects and still survive.
If you’re keeping up, you’re aware of this and our fight to stay alive.

Meantime, we as humans have treated our bodies rather inhumanely.
There’ll be a shot, and operation and a drug for all us humans.
But the unnatural solutions lack the natural coherence God meant.
Many times we could help ourselves by nutrition and some herbs God sent.

If I break a bone or have an accident, I seek out professional help,
But there are so many things we can do to help ourselves.
We all basically know the rules of staying well,
But we like to eat what tastes good and is fattening. That really sells.

In other words, if we’d cooperate a tad more with nature,
We’d be so much less dependent and more our own patient.
I believe it’s gaining momentum now, and it’s a sure sign
That some people are starting to use their own minds.

Lucile I. Burke
January 11, 2000