Slow as Molasses

Slow as MolassesSome of us are, by our inherited nature, slow specimens of mankind.
We are penalized for it in this life, for no one wants to wait on the slow kind.
The fact we are meticulous in our work and dealings
Doesn’t even count, and most speedy people don’t spare our feelings.

There is a prevalent attitude that you are holding back
And not producing like the production line. This is their “fact.”
Seems like life has hurried up since we’ve gained great inventions
That move with the speed of light, and hasten all our intentions.

Back in the “pre-invention” era, things and mortals moved much slower,
But in this speed-of-light age, slower seems to mean lower,
Like you’re not keeping up. Quantity is way ahead of quality. So¬†as I said,
I’m still alive, though not moving fast. I’m easing my nerves instead.

Lucile I. Burke
December 9, 1999