We’re Born, We Live, We Die


None of us escapes this cycle. Does this detract from your reality?
Since it is the law of earth, we just try to utilize and enjoy what is our reality.
As I watch history and biography on TV, I am always amazed how each one
Lived this life, just exactly like they would be here forever. But their sun

Did set one day, and no matter how great they were, nor how much they had done,
Their day came when their final curtain fell, and they no longer would live by the sun.
If you note, these people, so full of life and plans and victory, made a good-sized dent
On this earth. They lived, really lived, and you grieved, really grieved, when they went.

What these progressive people did will live on forever, for the betterment of us all.
I’m sure they would have preferred to stay and continue to accomplish and do it all.
We never are given a date when we’ll be departing. How far behind are you on catching up?
In their biography, in the book of life, they just played it by ear. We tip our cup

To drink from this wine of life, while we each still can.
When it’s all over, we then cannot change one earthly thing. This is the plan.
If only we could live each day in this awareness, we could be more effective.
So we may leave a lasting legacy to grace the pages of history. Be selective.

Lucile I. Burke
January 16, 2000