Trouble Beckons


Trouble beckons the young and foolish heart
To places and situations just beckoning, from the very start.
Rationalization explains and excuses any doubts that youth may offer.
That is life and if we survive it, we count it profit.

A good guardian, who has been there already
Will attempt to offer guidance and a hand to steady
The halting and inexperienced soul just teetering on the edge.
The mementoes of our youth become our relics, the battered memory now a pledge.

“If I survive this time, I’ll evermore be aware
That this is not the place I care to tread. I have learned and I do care.”
It seems so foolish after you make it through this process
And looking back you see clearly, “I should have listened, I confess.”

Lucile I. Burke
May 1, 1996