Getting Started On The Wrong Foot


Well – I’m not sure if that’s the right foot or the left foot.
Maybe for some – it could be either foot –
But the rhyme just specifies “the wrong foot!”
It lightened up my day a bit this morning when I saw my right foot

In the left shoe. I said, “Speaking of getting off on the wrong foot!”
Probably had numerous chores on my mind and grabbed without a look!
And here I thought that putting on your shoes was an automatic chore
That really didn’t need to be repeated this day, any more.

At least, I changed my shoe, I got a laugh and on top of that I got a poem –
And this little mistake proved helpful and certainly caused no harm!
A pretty good beginning to my day even if I was getting a mixed up start.
Lord”. I said, “Please keep my spirit cheerful this day – with a happy heart.”

Lucile I. Burke
November 3, 1997

(And help me keep my right foot in the right shoe.)